B3 Solutions Inc. 
Holding a higher standard

Connection  and Protection

B3 is your Business  Solution

Voice-Data, Video Surveillance

At B3 Solutions Inc., the customer comes first. We offer premier service to every client, big or small.
B3 Solutions Inc. is a leading, full service telecommunications contractor serving all of California.
Our Project Managers look forward to delivering innovative solutions and project success for your business.
From connection to protection, your company needs to run without fear of failure.
B3 Solutions Inc. will do just that.
Feel confident knowing your needs will be met.
Top grade materials as recommended or requested will be used.
Your solution will be fully integrated and upgradable, which is key to success.
Whether you're a large corporation or a small business, using the latest technology is paramount to achieving a top grade system for your business.
Our job is to help you do your job!
We will design and build the system that is right for you.
Meeting your business needs
budgetary constraints.

You will feel unique and special!

Big business, is our business!
We work with a variety of corporations, including educational, commercial and non-profits. 
If you're opening a new business or ramping up the old one, we can help. Partnering with us will make all the difference for your low voltage needs.
Your Business Specialists
IP Access Control
Know who is coming and going at all times.
Be in control of your surroundings.
Safety IS peace of mind.
Nothing says Quality in work like attention to Detail does! We strive to give you the best results with minimal cost.
Our consultants are standing by to give you the guidance you need to be "up and running" in the shortest possible time.
Making your ideas a reality

Let us Design a System that's right for you.

We will customize your system to suit your needs, and give you room to grow!

Wow, Really? 
Before and After says it all!

Spaghetti is only good on a plate!
Your Business is no place for a mess like this!
This image is from an account that we rescued, upgraded and simplified.
We also added a state-of-the-art
video surveillance system.
We'll do the same for you!
It all starts from the ground up.
Getting dirty is our  job, we make  pulling cable easy! So contact us now for your next project.
Working with private and commercial  companies gives us the advantage we need to step out of the box and partner up with some of West Coast's largest contractors.
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